Prepare your costume and go party halloween! the top 15 sites in Bogotá

3741 your costume and go party halloween the top 15 sites in bogota

Enroll your costume and go party halloween! the top 15 sites in Bogotá

October is the favorite month to kids and adults, its the special date to dust off the costume,the masks and the best outfits to enjoy that crazy night.

diferents party sites are getting ready during whole year to give awards the most originals costumes,  the partiest squad and others categories that get hot to any topics that get ready to live a really nice weekend.

if you are a party and award hunter, we show you the top 15 sites in Bogotá to enjoy the halloween 2017, greats events and awesome awards. Prepare your costume and lets go to a web trip for the top events.

1. Jaloguín of Andrés:

Andrés Carne de Res, have the best spells for a spectacular night; witches, elfs and demons are part of the thematic that it's available to october 28.

If you are like the people that has been bewitched for the witch that you have for ex, this is your event, the spells will be broken and finally you can end your singleness. if you are woman and you find your prince charming kissing frogs, we cant promise that you will find your soulmate, but we are sure that you will have a great time.

advice: if you want to go to Andrés Carne de Res Chía, the cover charge will be $65.000 pesos, but if you will go to Andrés D.C. in Bogotá, will be $55.000 ¡its up to you!

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2. Let's find some “polas” in “La Negra”

This October 27 and 28, the party well be sun, costumes, surprises and money for the most originals costumes.

The better thing it's the price: $20.000 for all, and ´pola` (beer) it's included.

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3. ¡Halloweekend llegó a Theatron!

Halloweekend it’s now in Theatron! In Colombia, one of the best site for party it's Theatron. This place it’s famous because of yours thematics parties, and this weekend will be one of the epic party. if you don’t have money, prepare your costume, because the awards will be more than 16 millions. the show will be with artists on live, dancers and a unique show.

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4. Baum: electronic party, witches and more.

On october 27 and 28, the party is in halloween mode, and Baum it’s ready to fan the flame to the electro lovers with one of the top Djs, Steve Lawler, who will be on friday. the 28, will be a witches night with the Mao Fonnegra, Sebastián Ortíz, Deadwalkman, Passh!, Stav, Caceress, Gnzlz show and more.

This november 3 will be Sven Vath, Geman dj who has been famous because of his musicals works and for be a founder of the Hearthouse Records.

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5. to celebrate halloween, also have to exist a before party, so in Gaira

since october 26, they will be in a party mode. Since this 26, you can enjoy a mask night with a special tematic show. this october 27 the date is on Von Gaira Mansion, one night not suitable for heart disease or fearful people.

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6. the Caci-K disco turn on the night with the interpreters of “La Borrachera”.

if you like the vallenato swing, this october 28 you should be enjoy of Kvras, band that have the responsibility to turn on one of the best halloween party in the city. A night for heroes and villains.

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7. A horror jump. the “salto del angel” sice october 27, the horror will take the nights. 

Frights night, for those Halloween fans. The cover charge will be $30.000. The bands that will anime the party, will be Hety and Zambo and AfroDj.

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8.“café Libro” Gallery: the Halloween also celebrate with colombian
voices and beats, this october 28 one of the best singers, will be settle the night with salsa beats.
 Maía will be the star of the night and you can be part of that great party.

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9. let’s live a ‘parrandero’ Halloween with the La casa en el aire Style.

The ‘parranda’ (party) will be until sunrise and if somebody falls asleep we will paint her
 La Casa En El Aire bring to his customers this october 27 and 28 a really colombian halloween weekend, with a dark ‘parranda’

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10. the house of Vallenato, is more dark than ever. 

Matildelina, is getting ready with all the bells and whistles to give a award of 3 millions to whose people that have the best costume.

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11. V hotel bar. ¡Once upon a time a movie night!

Once upon a time, is the thematic for this saturday in the “Hotel V” disco. that night will be
dedicated for those fairy tale fans. Will that history have a happy ending? let’s find it.

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12. Halloween will celebrate with beats from crossover party.

Tonik Bogotá bring one of the betters parties to enjoy a halloween night. that night will have a sinners that will enjoy a really funny hell. Carry your best costume, because you can be a winner of the spectacular awards.

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13. Jaguar Disco bring

awards for the tastiest costumes. this october 27 and 28 you can bring out your interior wolf. this october 27 the party will turn on with a retro - caribbean - hot party, with classics from Dj Sadrac and Dj Lulo. for the october 28, salangroove con Choi (sonido 45), will be on Jaguar Disco, with a tropicals beats.

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14.   On ‘La Villa’

neither angel nor kinky. Halloween will be live at november 3.

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15. Ivy Queen, Don Omar y De la Ghetto in I Love Halloween Bogotá 2017.  

The reggaeton lovers will have a space on the Great “Carpa Américas” in Corferias on saturday. Where will be three of the betters exponents of that importante musical genre.

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